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FAQ Regarding Indian head Massage

What are the ante- dotal benefits of Indian head massage?

*Relief of physical and emotional tension.
*Enhanced sleep and mood.
*Promotion of physical and emotional wellbeing.
*Improvement in hair and skin condition.
*Improved circulation and energy levels.
*Relief from stiff muscles.

How long will the massage take and how often should I have a treatment?

Treatment lasts approximetly 30-40 mins.
Everyone is unique, but to receive maximum benefit the therapist will usually recommend between 4-6 treatments and one monthly maintenance sessions thereafter.

How will I feel after treatment?

By the end of the session you may feel tired, relaxed and clear headed. Alternatively you may feel energised or have heightened emotional feelings. These are all normal reactions to the treatment.

What aftercare advice should I follow?

To experience the best outcome after treatment, it is important to drink plenty of water,avoid alcohol and rest. This will allow your body to expel waste products and recover.

How much does an Indian head massage cost?

£25 for the 1st session including consultation.
£20 for subsequent treatments.


Monday 11am or 230pm
Tuesday 11am or 730pm
Wednesday 11am or 230pm
Thursday 730pm
Friday 230pm

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